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As a freelancer, I offer high flexibility and a variety of different qualifications. I can handle specific tasks or collaborate with your team to introduce fresh ideas.

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In contrast to bigger IT companies I will closely respond the customers' individual demands and focus on bringing their personalized ideas to life the best way possible.


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Due to my high demands in terms of reliability and German quality I know how important the last 5% of your project an be. Your confidence is both an incentive and a motivation to me.

GRAILS Framework

GRAILS Framework

The concept

GRAILS is a framework based on the Java platform with the main idea of combining the dynamics of the Groovy programming language with the productivity of Spring and Hibernate. Due to the close connection between databases and data structure complex hierarchies can be easily implemented.

How can I help you?

Due to my experience in both frontend and backend development I offer help in various areas. As a freelancer customer focus, transparency and professional assistance in all stages of the project are self-evident.

Further focus



Installation, configuration, theme implementation & integration, plugIn implementation & integration, database configuration, WooCommerce, SEO, security


<html />

HTML5, website with newest standards, implementation of fallback functionality, pixel density, focus on SEO, maintainability, speed and flexibility



CSS3, target-oriented design, usability, corporate design, compatibility, device optimization and speed



jQuery, AJAX, animation, user interaction, compatibility optimization and media integration

Who is Linus Klausenitzer?

I listen, support and develop. I love to learn and use the latest technologies.

Freelance web developer

During my academic studies I learned to combine programming, design and marketing-oriented aspects. As an employee at the multimedia agency "Iomas Media GmbH" in Erlangen (Germany) I gained many years of experience in the implementation of web applications, websites, e–learnings and search engine optimization.
I collaborated with customers like Siemens AG, Henkel AG & Co, Carl Zeiss AG and Bosch Rexroth AG.

At the 'Sipeso GmbH' I was responsible for the development and implementation of an international web–platform for managing and communication with mobile devices. This included administration of the coordination between designers, programmers and clients. GRAILS turned out to be my main specialty very fast. Through my experience as executive of 'Obscura GbR' in international music and entertainment business I understand to face problems not only analytically in a mathematical way but also with creative approach.

main principles



My focus is on the user, not the easiest way to implement. Good user experience increases the frequency of views on a website and reduces costs (customer service, etc.).



Performance optimization on source codes, media, cache, etc. leads to faster websites and thus to less people leaving a website for competitor's offers.

Responsive Design

Responsive Webdesign

Since the amount of different screen formats today is higher than ever before a website needs to be flexible to meet the user's demands. Furthermore Google now treats responsive design as a ranking factor.

Crossbrowser Optimization

Crossbrowser Optimization

Different devices, operating systems and users' interests cause usage of different browsers. The interaction between devices and websites needs to be free of any bugs and needs to work as it was planned to be.

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